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Classroom X is a full classroom bundle that ships in just 5 days!

Classroom X is a revolutionary concept in educational furnishings conceived with the goal of creating a classroom that is flexible, cohesive, and supports personalized learning for students, without waiting on long lead times.

The school environment plays a huge role in a student’s emotional health and academic success. Students who feel at home in the classroom are more focused and open to learning. By making a modern classroom accessible to all schools with fun and functional furniture that looks great and engages students in a creative and welcoming space, we are encouraging students and teachers to flourish.

The Classroom X package includes, for the students, 25 Hierarchy Shapes Desks (standard size) and 25 Hierarchy 4-Leg Chairs in your choice of 14″, 16″, or 18″ seat heights. 

The Hierarchy Shapes Desk is our most versatile desk solution for creating a variety of learning pods, rows, pair set ups, and even stadium curved seating. With each edge featuring a complementary radius, the tables fit together easily and intuitively, allowing you to create the seating structure that works for your class.

The Hierarchy 4-Leg Chair is durable, ergonomic, and available in multiple colors to fit your school colors or any other design scheme.

As for the instructor, Classroom X includes an Avid Single Pedestal Desk with a generous 60″W x 30″D top, three locking storage drawers, an elegant modesty panel, and casters for easy mobility. The desk is paired with a Hierarchy 5-Star Chair, available in multiple colors, with an ergonomic flexible shell and adjustable seat height for a custom fit. 

Choose from our most popular laminate options: Grey Elm with matching edge band or platinum edge band, or Fusion Maple with matching edge band. Either option provides a low-contrast and relaxing atmosphere.

SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified.

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