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Multi-user interaction up to 20 simultaneous touches

Compared to traditional whiteboards,the i3BOARD includes several unique features. Sensing both stylus and finger touch recognition, the precise and reliable V-Sense touch technology design allows for multi-user interaction.

Precise, fast, and reliable 20-touch

All i3BOARDS are equipped with the precise and reliable V-Sense technology. This technology is fast and extremely accurate and allows up to 20 simultaneous touches. Write with your finger, a pen or any other object.

Perfectly dry-erasable

The i3 Duo surface is perfectly dry-erasable and leaves no marks from erasing (ghosting). In case of a power interruption or whenever you feel like using a regular whiteboard marker, no problem! i3BOARD is the perfect match for mixed learning environments. Minimal reflection, so no need to close blinds or darken the room constantly.

Low total cost of ownership

The V-Sense touch technology is dust resistant. The ultra-narrow aluminum frame does not only look nice, it makes maintenance easy, lowering the total costs of ownership. The durable lifetime warranty enamel steel surfaces are at home in harsh environments. All i3BOARDS include a standard wall-mount. Ideal projection surface with minimal glare, reduces hotspots and visual fatigue.