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i3CAIR provides you with an easy solution to monitor the air quality in your offices and schools.

Alerts are triggered and notifications are sent when actions need to be taken to improve the overall ambience.

Through ambient monitoring and data analytics, i3CAIR can improve the wellbeing, health and safety of your work environment or classroom with a real-time overview or the overall history of the indoor air quality with the Wellbeing Index. Monitor the carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, particle matter (pm 2.5), temperature and humidity to ensure the health, safety and productivity of your environment. The i3CAIR can display the air quality data both locally in the display as well as in the i3RDM centralized dashboard for IT and Health and Safety officials to monitor remotely.


  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels
  • Particle matter (pm 2.5)
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

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