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The i3TOUCH E-Series is our 20-point multi-touch display. A great way to create interactive work sessions and staying within budget

Top Features

Highest precision touch:

The i3TOUCH E delivers the highest touch precision, supporting 20 simultaneous touch points for
unlimited collaboration.

Intelligent pens:

The two ergonomic pens make it easy to switch between two colors (red and blue) without having to navigate through the tool set. A great way to save time

Jot down ideas, share with everyone:

Create, capture and share your ideas or notes in the integrated whiteboard solution. Share your notes instantly via email, USB or QR code.

Intelligent touch recognition:

When taking notes, your finger and stylus are automatically recognized as pen and your palm as eraser. This makes working with the i3TOUCH very easy and intuitive.

Capture your best ideas anywhere:

Capture ideas in your browser, presentation or other apps and send your annotated screenshots instantly to the whiteboard app for easy sharing.

Present wirelessly from any device:

No more need for additional hardware. Present your screen wirelessly from any device on the i3TOUCH. All you need is the free app

The i3TOUCH E-Series 4K Interactive Display is offered in 65″, 75″ and 86″

Standard warranty: 8 years.