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The i3TOUCH PX is our best capacitive touch display with the most high-end aesthetic giving you a unique, natural and precise writing experience.

Top Features

Write naturally:

Thanks to optical bonding inside the panel and the responsive, ergonomic, pressure-sensitive pen we can achieve a highly natural and precise writing experience.

Control all connected devices:

Connect all the latest devices to the screen with a USB-C cable. Just one cable for audio, video, power and touch. Enjoy having access to all the tools connected to the screen, such as a webcam or mic, straight from your laptop.

Jot down ideas, share with everyone:

Create, capture and share your ideas or notes in the integrated whiteboard solution. Share your notes instantly via email, USB or QR code.

Present wirelessly from any device:

No more need for additional hardware. Present your screen wirelessly from any device on the i3TOUCH. All you need is the free app.

Never run out of battery power:

Always have a fully charged pen thanks to the integrated charging station, which also serves as a convenient place to store your pen.

Compatible with i3ALLSYNC TOUCH

4K Resolution

Energy efficient

Active Pen

Impress with strong craftsmanship

Intuitive interface

The i3TOUCH PX-Series 4K Ultra High Definition is offered in 75″ and 86″

Standard warranty: 3 years (Can be extended to 5 or 7 years.)