All Desks and Tables

Bring flexible and customizable table set ups to your collaborative and conference spaces.

Modular Conference Tables are available in three shapes for multiple arrangement options, making them ideal for any meeting or conference environment.

Each features a 1-1/8″ thick HPL top available in a variety of laminate options, including custom. Call for details.

Black powder-coated steel legs include 4″ casters (two locking). Tested to support up to 300 lbs.

SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified.

Please note: Custom orders and whiteboard top option are subject to an upcharge and laminate availability. Please contact your sales representative for current availability and lead time information.

Edgeband Colors

Cool Gray (HGRY)

Purple (HPUR)

Navy (HNVY)

Blue (HBLU)

Green (HGRN)

Yellow (HYLW)

Orange (HORG)

Red (HRED)

Platinum (PL)

Black (BK)

Pattern Laminates

High Rise (4996)

Pressed Linen (4991)

Silver Alchemy (4860)

Ribbon Marble (1889)

Luna Night (1854)

Luna Winter (1850)

Cosmic Strandz (4941)

Vapor Strandz (4939)

Pewter Mesh (4878) (Standard QuickShip)

Gray Nebula (4622) (Standard QuickShip)

Gray Mesh (4877) (Standard QuickShip)

Graphite Nebula (4623) (Standard QuickShip)

Pattern Laminates (Designer)

Raspberry Honeycomb (Y0687)

Swirling Fields (Y0646)

Taupe Geo (Y0603)

Stockholm Mod (Y0577)

Twilight (Y0503)

Sky Arabesque (Y0494)

Cobalt Shagreen (Y0449)

Flint Horizon (Y0439)

Flint Boucle (Y0436)

Bone Birch (Y0425)

Linear Chisel Denim

North Sea Wood (Y0325)

Solid Laminates

Orange Grove (D501)

Lapis Blue (D417)

Indigo (D379)

Pepperdust (D327)

Platinum (D315)

Hollyberry (D307)

North Sea (D90)

Black (1595)

Putty (1503)

Island (D498)

Ocean (D502)

Whiteboard (MRKR) (10% upcharge) (Standard QuickShip)

Solid Laminates (Designer)

Ink Soup (Y0357)

Blueberry Taffy (Y0355)

Bellini Blue (Y0352)

Cucumber Juice (Y0349)

Dried Sage (Y0348)

Quince (Y0346)

Wheat (Y0345)

Coffee Ice (Y0343)

Sugar Cookie (Y0342)

Marmalade (Y0338)

Chili Powder (Y0337)

Hibiscus Tea (Y0334)

Woodgrain Laminates

Carter Oak (17004)

Ashbee Oak (17000)

Veranda Teak (8209)

Fawn Cypress (8208)

Pinnacle Walnut (7992)

Buka Bark (7982)

Studio Teak (7960)

Zanzibar (7957)

Natural Rift (7954)

Asian Sand (7952)

Asian Sun (7951)

Brazilwood (7946)

Xanadu (7945)

River Cherry (7937)

Colombian Walnut (7943)

Zebrawood (7980)

Tan Echo (7941)

Nepal Teak (7209) (Standard QuickShip)

Low Line (7998) (Standard QuickShip)

Gray Elm (8201) (Standard QuickShip)

Fusion Maple (7909) (Standard QuickShip)

Castle Oak (7928) (Standard QuickShip)

Asian Night (7949) (Standard QuickShip)

Amber Cherry (7919) (Standard QuickShip)

Woodgrain Laminates (Designer)

Edge Grain Breeze (Y0809)

Quiet Hinoki (Y0785)

Ghost Maple (Y0694)

Western White Pine (Y0693)

Mocha Ash (Y0664)

Cedar (Y0655)

Natural Tulipwood (Y0654)

Yaki Shiro (Y0622)

Umber Walnut Crossgrain (Y0603)

Raw Eucalyptus (Y0559)

Indonesian Rosewood (Y0548)

Pepper Alona (Y0287)

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