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Infuse any space with energy and inspiration. MooreCo is always innovating and continually evolving to improve the way people interact and learn. We’re passionate about creating flexible environments that are stimulating, engaging, and comfortable.

COVID-19 Solutions

When COVID-19 shut down schools, we made it our mission to help find solutions for safe operations during a pandemic. We spoke with experts in the fields of health research, medicine, architecture, and design to see what schools, healthcare settings, and businesses would need to keep going. Download our COVID-19 Solutions brochure for products designed to help your school or business reopen and stay safe.
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Built on the Mighty 8 design principles, our Hierarchy line revolutionizes learning spaces. Engineered to provide the best of what students love and teachers want, Hierarchy furniture, boards, and accessories offer an integrated solution to educational environments that are constantly morphing and adapting.

A comprehensive line of makerspace storage cabinets and tables that combines versatility and functionality, Compass fosters hands-on learning in a dynamic and engaging environment. True to the Mighty 8 design principles, Compass provides a makerspace with flexibility, ample workspace, and plenty of storage options for tools and supplies.

Classroom X is your classroom to go! Offering innovative furniture in budget-friendly packages shipped to you in as few as five days, Classroom X makes it easy to create a fun, flexible, and functional classroom fast that also supports personalized learning in a creative and welcoming space.