Our Story

The MooreCo Story

A Commitment to Lifelong Learning That Allows Everyone to Thrive, Flourish, and Grow

It All Started With Lorraine

Like many great company founders, Lorraine Moore encountered a problem and devised a solution. Working in educational furniture sales in a small Texas town in the early 1980s, Lorraine became frustrated by the lack of furniture options for an emerging new industry: printers. She responded by designing and developing the world’s first printer stand on casters, and her company, Balt, was born.

Balt soon became the nation’s leader in design and production of printer stands for major printer manufacturers. Driven by a desire to design products that filled a need for her customers, Lorraine continued to innovate, striving to introduce up to ten new designs each year.

As the company grew, Balt became known as a respected source for innovative and dependable products that supported the computer, office furniture, and educational furnishings industries.

Passing Down a Passion for Innovation

Lorraine was passionate about her mission, and her son Greg followed in her footsteps from the beginning—first as a child model in the company’s catalogs, and later working on the factory floor learning every detail of the design and manufacturing process.

Like many of his generation, Greg was schooled in a traditional model that emphasized structure, memorization, and discipline and frowned upon creativity. It stifled Greg, who would be diagnosed with ADD as an adult. 

Later, as the CEO of the company (rebranded MooreCo in 2007), it became Greg’s passion to introduce solutions that promote inclusiveness and help all learners flourish. Under Greg’s leadership, MooreCo ushered in a new generation of innovative products that enabled everyone to thrive—no matter their learning style.

An Enduring Vision

Much has changed in the past four decades, but not our passion for designing and developing innovative solutions where children and adults feel inspired. As research continues to reveal the impact environments have on learning, we’re committed to the development of collaborative products that allow everyone to thrive, flourish, and grow.

More than 30 years ago, Lorraine Moore made a commitment to do business differently by turning insights into innovations and reimagining the spaces where we learn and work.


Make it personal. It’s one of our core values. From every design to each interaction, it should always feel like your specific needs are being met.

We strive to make MooreCo personal because for us, it is personal. As a family business, our purpose, values, and vision are intimately tied to and guided by our story.