MooreCo, Inc. Products Warranty

MooreCo warrants that your Product is free from defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the product unless listed on the below schedule. This warranty only applies to Products purchased directly from an authorized MooreCo dealer and is only valid for the original purchaser and for the original installation. The warranty is terminated upon transfer, sale, or modification of the Product.

If a Product is defective in materials or workmanship, MooreCo will replace or repair it at no charge, based on the below schedule. This is your sole and exclusive remedy, and repair or replacement of the Product will be at the sole discretion of MooreCo and is your sole and exclusive remedy for products found by MooreCo to be defective. Shipping charges to the repair facility will be the responsibility of the purchaser, and shipping charges to return the repaired Product to the purchaser will be paid by the purchaser, except for Products returned for repair during the first 30 days after purchase, in which case all shipping charges will be paid by MooreCo. MooreCo will not pay labor costs associated with repairs or replacements. All incidental or consequential damages which may arise, including, but not limited to, lost profits, personal property damage, and third party liabilities are hereby expressly excluded. Likewise, MooreCo will not be responsible for any damage to customer’s property caused by incompatibility of the product with customer’s flooring and other customer property. MooreCo shall be liable under this limited warranty only for the cost or, at its option, the repair or replacement of defective products. This warranty is subject to the limitations, exclusions and other provisions below, and applies to Products purchased after January 27, 2022 which are delivered within the United States of America and the Commonwealth of Canada.

Discontinued products will be replaced with “like product” at MooreCo’s discretion. MooreCo will not renew or extend this warranty to a repaired or replaced product. MooreCo will not honor the attempted transfer of this warranty.

Some natural variations occurring in polypropylene material or other natural materials are inherent to their character and are not considered defects. MooreCo does not warrant the colorfastness or matching of colors, grains, or textures of these materials. Customer’s Own Material (COM) selected by and used at the request of an original purchaser is not warranted. Our products are intended for interior use — exterior use of them will void the warranty.

MooreCo seating is tested and warrantied for users up to 253lbs. Use above that weight is not tested or warrantied and considered misuse and abuse.

Use of “short throw”, wall mounted projectors are only warrantied on the Interactive Projector Board (2G5 and 4G5) series and Interactive Projector Board + Whiteboard System (764XX).

Porcelain surfaces may have minor surface imperfections due to the manufacturing process. If these imperfections cannot be seen from 3 feet under diffuse (dead) light and without “searching”, they are not covered under warranty. Any surface imperfection from the factory shall erase as with the rest of the surface or will be covered under warranty.

The particular Product lines, materials and components listed below are warranted according to the following schedule from the date of sale:

Chair/Desk/Table Frames and Compass StorageLifetime
Book Boxes/Book Baskets/Backpack HooksLifetime
Porcelain SurfaceLifetime
Seating controls, pneumatic cylinders, bushings, folding mechanisms, rocker/wobble bases1 Year
Glides6 Years
Casters13 Years
Chair Shells/Other Injection Molded Products and Table Tops13 Years
Clear Plastic/Acrylic1 Year (Does not cover scratching by user – wear and tear)
PVC and melamine laminate desks, tables, workstations, carts, and other furniture1 Year
Dry Erase Laminate Table Surface1 Year
Economy Soft Seating Fabric1 Year
Soft Seating FabricSee Fabric Vendor for Specific Warranty Information
Electrical Components1 Year (unless otherwise stated)
The surface of whiteboards and mobile whiteboards with surface of Dura-Rite20 Years
The surface of whiteboards and mobile whiteboards with surface of Magne-Rite and tack boards10 Years
The surface of whiteboards and mobile whiteboards with a surface of TuF-Rite5 Years
iTeach and Tablet/Chromebook charging carts – with exception of electrical components12 Years
iTeach and Tablet/Chromebook charging carts – electrical components only1 Year
Solid Wood Seats and Solid Table Tops1 Year finish defects and workmanship.
10 Years structural against loss of serviceability
Beanies by MooreCoSeams and Zippers – 1 year (indoor and outdoor)
iTeach Electric Height Adjustable Flat Panel Wall Mount Structural /Electrical7 Years
iTeach Spider Flat Panel Cart with Electric Mount Structural /Electrical (excluding
7 Years
MoorePower Tower Structural/Electrical7 Years


This warranty does not apply and no other warranty applies to: 

  • Normal wear and tear, which are to be expected over the course of ownership. 
  • Damage caused by abuse, misuse, neglect, vandalism, accident, modifications, water, or fire. 
  • Damage caused by the carrier in-transit, which will be handled as claims against the carrier. 
  • Damage caused during unloading or installation, which will be handled as claims against the installer. 
  • Modifications or attachments to the Product that are not approved by MooreCo. 
  • Products that were not installed, used, or maintained in accordance with Product instructions and warnings. 
  • Products used for rental purposes. 
  • Adhesive products installed at temperatures below 50ºF (10ºC). 
  • Labor and/or materials to remove and replace Products. 
  • Non-standard or published products. 
  • Damage caused by environmental issues, including use and/or storage of the Product in facilities subjected to uncontrolled high temperatures. 
  • Third-party products – MooreCo, to the extent possible, will pass through to the original purchaser (and process claims under) any warranty provided by third-party products supplied to MooreCo. 
  • Normal aging and wear of fabrics, filling materials, and finishes of soft seating and other upholstered products 

To the extent allowed by law, MooreCo makes no other warranty, either express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. MooreCo will not be liable for any indirect, consequential, or incidental damages. This warranty does not cover consequential damages, loss of time or use, or other incidental damages.

Notice To Purchasers for Home or Personal Use:

Federal law does not permit the exclusion of certain implied warranties for consumer Products. Therefore, if you are purchasing this Product for home or personal use, the exclusion of implied warranties noted in the above paragraph does not apply to you. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. 

To obtain service under this limited warranty: by following the procedures regarding warranty claims outlined below, you can be assured of the best level of service.

  1. Contact MooreCo by phone at 1-800-749-2258 or by mail at 2885 Lorraine Avenue, Temple, Texas 76501 within 30 days of discovery of the defect. Be prepared to prove you are the original purchaser of the Product and provide your model number, description of the Product, and description of the defect. Then provide MooreCo with your name, address, area code, and telephone number.
  2. MooreCo will review all pertinent information regarding the claim, including inspection of the Product if deemed appropriate by MooreCo.
  3. If MooreCo affirms that the Product in question is eligible under the conditions of the limited warranty as stated above, the customer service representative or another representative of MooreCo will determine whether to provide replacement parts, authorize repairs or replace the Product.

Products returned to the MooreCo facility without a return authorization will be refused.