To thrive is to be your best. Always.

The Thrive Philosophy was created to show how the conscious design of environments can impact human happiness and health for all. Incorporating six key facets of human development, Thrive encapsulates thoughtful consideration of every space—where all are supported, encouraged, and given the tools to succeed and grow.

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Creating a space where like-minded kids can feel comfortable, can build relationships, and work together is an important part of developing community.

Alexa Feldman, Interior Designer Coordinator, LPA Design Studios

Having a project-based classroom where there are multiple avenues to accomplish a task helps prepare students to think more creatively.

Thom Gibson, STEM & Robotics Teacher

The messaging that comes off of a building is telling our users, our clients, our parents, our investors, about the values and the beliefs that we hold, that are intrinsic with our identity, health and wellness, vision, purpose, and spirit.

Will LeStrange, Feng Shui Consultant

Gen Z knows where they’re heading in life, and what they’re expecting in their college—health and wellness and life balance and everything that makes a human a human.

Sylvia Kowalk, Director of Interior Design, Legat Architects

Socialization needs to be intentional. We need that expansive space, so students really are intentional about socialization, and are connecting with the people that they need to, in person, and getting the resources that they need in order to thrive.

Robin Randall, Director of Pre K-12, Legat Architects

Having furniture that is movable and adaptable with different patterns and colors is important. The more opportunities that we can provide for people to self-select, the more we can meet different people’s needs.

Dr. Lisa Harris, OT Healthworks Ergonomics
Intellectual: I Can Learn

Intellectual: I Can Learn

Flexible furniture and technology tools create a balanced environment to support all learning styles and abilities, to provide sensory stimulus, to improve focus, and to foster connectivity and collaboration.

Social-Emotional: I Belong

Social-Emotional: I Belong

Configurable work and rest environments where users can socialize, problem solve, and work together on common goals promote a sense of community and belonging, bolstering empathy, compassion, emotional intelligence, and self-confidence.

Spiritual: I Can Breathe

Spiritual: I Can Breathe

Mindful spaces for breathing, reflection, and quiet introspection help provide opportunities for contemplative thinking. Overstimulated users benefit from calm moments, and may find balance in areas that provide moments of rest.

Physical: I Can Move

Physical: I Can Move

Ergonomic furniture that allows physical movement and easy positional changes, enabling proper posture and adequate stimulus, provides energy to engage and stimulate, while supporting high performance opportunities.

Psychological: I Feel Safe

Psychological: I Feel Safe

Balanced room design that includes spaces to recuperate alone or gather together provides a sense of belonging and safety. Optimal psychological development comes from allowing users the freedom to discover how they work best.

Moral: I Feel Empowered

Moral: I Feel Empowered

Differences evaporate in spaces designed to encourage diversity of thought and collaboration. Empathetic growth can be achieved with inclusive furniture for accessibility and collaborative seating for open discourse: the tools that allow students to express themselves and hear one another.

An insightful and honest look at the importance of creating spaces that respond to today’s unique issues, this video reveals how MooreCo’s Thrive Philosophy supports human health and happiness. MooreCo has a finger on the pulse of current trends in learning, working, and personal growth to address developmental needs head on. Our compassionate approach to design fosters wholistic personal development, inspires users to nurture every facet of themselves, and leads users on a path to Thrive.

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