Vanerum North America: Learning Is a Lifelong Journey

Creating thoughtfully designed furniture with a focus on collaboration and lifelong learning, our purpose at Vanerum North America is to enrich each stage of the developmental journey—from classroom to career. Our designs are highly refined, customizable, and flexible, and our team of designers and engineers focus on the ergonomic function and social benefit of each of our designs to create engaging environments where everyone can thrive.

What Does it Mean to Thrive?

Explore our Thrive philosophy, how it impacts design of all spaces, and how the design of a space can foster human development in six distinct stages and in all ages, from adolescence to adulthood
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The Thrive philosophy consists of designing carefully thought out environments made for everyone to thrive. At school. At work. In your wellness. We want you to thrive. We want to help you make others thrive.

Based on the simple yet powerful evolution a seed undergoes to become a plant, the Seed seating collection is an expression of sustainability, functionality, versatility, and aesthetics. Combining curves, angles, and stylish colors, Seed can adapt to any environment.


An innovative line of student chairs and desks founded upon countless hours of research, Opti+ was created with attention to balanced seating, movement, and interaction in inspiring learning environments. We always consider the ergonomics of a place of learning. For us, the right seating solution, with the right posture, within the right environment is essential.