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Created by globally-acclaimed designer Joey Ruiter, the Elate Perch Stool was conceived with a minimalist approach, and built as a flexible, ergonomic, and personal seating option.

Perching while working is an ideal way to get weight off your feet without sitting, allowing you to lean, move, twist, and reach as needed, all the while promoting circulation, breathing, and the flow of creative energy.

Pneumatic height adjustable stool (24-3/4″ to 33-3/4″H) works with any sit to stand workstation with ease, featuring dual integrated adjustment buttons on the base, easy to reach with either hand.

Durable and comfortable seat is available in six colors to match any space design, and features an auto-return tilt feature (10º to the front and 20º to either side) that moves with your body, offering support for multiple positions and activities. Seat also swivels for added comfort and support.

Powder-coated platinum steel base is extra wide to offers maximum stability while the stool is in use. Base includes integrated handle and recessed casters to enable easy mobility.

SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified. Patent pending.

Chairs & Stools
Chairs & Stools

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Award-winning and globally-acclaimed designer, Joey Ruiter pushes through the boundaries of the norm to transform everyday objects into products that are just as useful as they are jaw-dropping.

His work ranges from furniture to transportation to household objects and more. In addition to his original studio builds, he works with brands everywhere to bring us products that speak for themselves.

His unique perspective, style and approach challenge design principles and lead us to reimagine how we see things and what might be possible after all.

In a culture of clutter, he reminds us what is essential.

“The art of design happens when you change the way things are perceived. It challenges convention, and creates new stories, interactions and the rarity we want.”

With a minimalistic design approach, Ruiter strips products down to their essence which is where they begin taking shape. He reimagines ordinary things using common themes and creates designs that activate a familiar yet surprising space in us. His disruptive perspective leads to builds that are unconventional, beautiful, and anything but ordinary.