Project Services

Let us show you how we can take your project from seed to fruition, in less time and with less stress than you could imagine. Fill out a design brief at one of the links below, and we will get to work on creating spaces that allow you to thrive.

Project Management

Every contract is assigned a project manager to provide end-to-end guidance based on your budget, needs, and space. From render to reality, they’ll ensure you get a beautiful environment that’s ergonomic and versatile while making the best use of the space.

Expert Design Services

Our team of interior designers and space planners provides an array of layout options, fabric palettes, and material and finish choices tailored to your environment. If you have an overburdened design team, we can take your specs and bring them to life.

Product Customization

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution—each space is different and every user has unique needs. From colors, frames, fabrics, and finishes to tailoring products to your space, you can customize your environment to fit your specific style, needs, and infrastructure.

Professional Installation

No project is complete until everything is delivered, installed, and ready for use. If you need help, we can provide expert and professional installation services through our extensive partner and dealer network, who will work with you until the installation is complete.

How It Works:


Step 1: Start the Discussion

Is your project a remodel? A new construction? We ask the right questions and listen to your needs, taking into account your budget, available space, user demographics, and above all timing when creating your space plans.


Step 2: Your Ideas in Full Color

Our space planning and design teams will take your feedback and turn your ideas into drawings and renders. We will use our expertise and experience to maximize space usage and ensure that furniture selections evoke an integrated and productive environment.


Step 3: Review, Revise, Retouch

All projects take adjustment and revision, and our team is ready to revise and ensure that the final layout is exactly what you envisioned for your space. Based on your feedback, we fine-tune the final layout. Once all revisions have been made, the order is placed.


Step 4: Render to Reality

With help from our partners and dealer network, the installation gets started. We source only the best materials to provide you with exceptional laminate, finish, and fabric options, and our team will be available to you from start to finish. From render to reality, your ideas and design plans have literally been brought to life.


How Much Does All This Cost?

Our project services are available at no cost to you. Thanks to our talented team of interior designers, furniture engineers, and space planners, along with our extensive dealer network, we are able to do the heavy lifting for you. Our team is eager to work with you on your next project. Submit a design brief for your educational project or commercial project, and start turning your dreams into reality today.


When waiting isn’t an option, our QuickShip program has you covered. Featuring an extensive stock of our best-selling items in top industry finishes and colors, and numerous products that ship as quickly as two days from order, we can outfit your space now. Click the link below to explore our QuickShip options.

To Thrive is to Be Your Best. Always.

Success and happiness go hand in hand. This is what it means to thrive. Having the opportunity to learn, grow, achieve, and find community provides the foundation for lifelong fulfillment. The Thrive philosophy was created to show how the conscious design of environments can impact human happiness and health for all. Considering the six stages of development in the crucial periods of formation and influence, the Thrive philosophy encapsulates thoughtful consideration of every space—where all are supported, encouraged, and given the tools to succeed and grow.
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